Wisdom Within

My husband and I started meditating over a year ago. I can’t express enough how much it’s changed our lives. Who knew that two sessions of mediation a day could make such a difference in our lives, but somehow it does! When we adhere to a consistent meditation schedule, we both feel more content within ourselves, our anxiety levels are greatly reduced, and our day to day lives just go more smoothly. I can’t put my finger on why, necessarily, except to say I think it’s because we have stopped to take time and listen to our inner wisdom.

Our children have grown up watching us meditate, and our older son especially, who is four and a half now, will often tell us know that he needs to meditate too. On onee particular day, he asked if he could meditate, and I said to him, “Don’t worry, honey, Mommy will teach you when you’re a little bit older.” He said, “But no, Mommy, I already know how!” Then he closed his eyes and showed me that he just might, in fact, know how to tap into his own stillness.

I realized then that even young children can benefit greatly from practicing, at an early age, methods in which to access their own inner peace and wisdom. So when I heard about a book called Wisdom Within by Allison Morgan, I was intrigued. I had originally heard about Allison Morgan from a mutual friend. She is the founder of Zensational Kids, LLC which offers programs for educators, caregivers, and parents to learn methods for bringing yoga and mindfulness to the children in their lives. Her past work as an occupational therapist showed her how effective both yoga and mindfulness is for children, helping them to learn and attend in the school environment at an improved rate. I truly believe that Allison Morgan is doing important work with Zensational Kids, as the children of today are often told to sit still in classroom for several hours a day without being given the skills to attend. She is looking to change that.

Allison’s book, Wisdom Within is a storybook written with the premise that every child has their own inner wisdom. This inner wisdom and peace can be accessed whenever a child needs it, as it has always been there. Told in a story rhyme that is pleasing for children, we are shown how all animals in nature have innate knowledge of certain strengths that they have, and shows the reader that all humans do too. The last pages of the book give several kid-friendly yoga poses and meditations that any child (or adult!) can use to tap into our many strengths within. I love the message that this sends to children and to adults too. Take time to slow down, be still, and let your inner self speak.

As the mother of a child who can sometimes be hyper and hard to settle (aren’t they all though?), I know these methods are going to be so helpful to us, especially if we start at such a young age. What better gift to give our children then the ability to tap into their own wisdom? I think knowing how much it’s already helped my husband and myself, I am so excited to start this with my own children.  I’m thinking this would make a great gift for other parents in the future!

If you’re interested in picking up your own copy of Wisdom Within, you can find it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/10b5Pi9

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of Wisdom Within for review purposes. All opinions expressed are solely my own. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

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