Our Little Lady

Belly plays piano

In addition to our son, there is another little person who brings immeasurable joy to our lives. She is our little girl, known here as Belly, and born to us twenty-eight months after our son. She was a surprise (am I supposed to admit that?) but seriously the best “unexpected” thing that has ever happened to us.

Finding out I was pregnant again when our son was eighteen months old was, in all honesty, terrifying to me. We had just been told Bean was showing autistic symptoms and here I was bringing another child into the world. I was so afraid for my son’s future. I hated that he would ever have to experience the struggles and pain that come with a disability. What if our second child had autism? I hate to admit that I cried, but I did. I wanted another child more than anything, but the fear about our future crushed me whole.

My husband, however, put things into perspective. “If we have two children with autism, we are meant to have two children with autism. And who better than us to love and instill confidence in these two little beings.”

He was right. {This might be the only time I ever say that on this blog.}

The entire pregnancy was wrought with months of morning sickness and fatigue and mood swings galore.  There was a very sad moment in the beginning when we were actually told we were pregnant with twins and then told two weeks later that we had miscarried one of them. My father passed away in the midst of all of this. It was a tough time, to say the least.

I was lucky in that I had my mom and husband helping me out when I was too sick to get out of bed. My son was in a good therapy program at that point and I was learning how to cook healthy foods (when I could stand to get out of bed). We were all doing homeopathy and it was helping to keep us afloat emotionally and to begin the process of healing. We continued to read everything we could about autism, healing, and a healthier lifestyle.

I knew as I neared my due date that I wanted to do things differently with my daughter’s birth. I didn’t want to have a c-section the second time around if I could avoid it, I wanted my child rooming in with me at all times at the hospital, I wanted a ton of skin-to-skin contact, and I wanted breastfeeding to work (or I at least wanted all the tools at my disposal to make it a more positive experience). I’d like to write more about my daughter’s birth in the future, but suffice it to say, it was an amazingly wonderful and life-changing experience. After twenty-four hours of natural labor, she was born and our family was complete.

She was also born with a sensitive gut and is on the same diet as our son. We have been very very careful about what she is exposed to so as not to overload her immune system. We act as though she is as sensitive as our son. We can see that she is. We are very cautious.

Our daughter is now twenty-one months old, and growing wonderfully. She is hitting all her milestones, learning new words everyday, and man is she a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, we couldn’t imagine life without her. Thank you, little girl, for choosing us!

Belly & E

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