Argan Oil: The best all natural face moisturizer

Elma & Sana Golden Argan Oil

I am one of those people that cannot wash their face without immediately applying moisturizer afterwards. Otherwise, I am left with tight, dry and flaky skin. When I committed to slowly changing over my face and body products to more natural alternatives, I had to ditch the face moisturizer I was previously using. I had a hard time finding a good face moisturizer on the Skindeep site, which rates skincare products by their toxicity levels. And then I heard about argan oil and all of it’s magical properties.

It sounded great but I wanted to try it for myself. So I went on a search for a 100% pure argan oil that wouldn’t break the bank. I eventually  found Elma and Sana’s 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil. I’ve been using it for almost three years now. What I love: it’s very moisturizing yet also light enough to wear under makeup. It absorbs quickly into my skin. It also lasts awhile (a little goes a long way). It’s gentle enough to use around my eyes and works better than any other eye cream I’ve ever tried in terms of keeping the delicate eye area from feeling dry.

I used argan oil often in my pregnancy on acne that popped up due to the large amount of hormones circulating in my body during that time (seriously, my pregnancy with my daughter felt SO much more hormonal than with my son). It worked amazingly well on the horribly angry red acne marks that formed on my cheeks (and which I thought were going to be permanent). I also alternated between using the argan oil and 100% pure shea butter on my pregnant belly as it started to stretch and get bigger. It was so much more effective and less toxic than the Bio-Oil I used in my first pregnancy (and which I erroneously though was safe). I’ve found that argan oil is even great to use on my kids when they have red marks or dry spots (heck, my husband even uses it).

So, yes, I love my argan oil.  There’s nothing like a simple, organic product that serves so many purposes. Read here to find out even more awesome uses for argan oil.

Happy moisturizing, everybody!

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