Ghee – The Better Butter

Purity Farms Organic Ghee

Up until three years ago, I had never heard of ghee. It came recommended to me by my son’s nutritionist and was included in most of the recipes I was researching for the new diet we were starting. When I found out ghee was a form of butter, I figured, well, we are dairy-free, so how can we eat it? I soon found out that, not only is ghee generally ok for those who are dairy intolerant, but it’s also super healing for the stomach.

Ghee is actually clarified butter. It is made when butter is heated to a certain point at which the milk solids (including lactose and other less desirable components of butter) sink to the bottom of the pan, the water in the butter boils off, and just the ghee is left. This is the oil we want to consume. There are a million reasons why ghee is a great healthy fat to include in your diet. Click here to read “15 Amazing Benefits of Ghee“. I am glad to have added it into our diet, because the taste is awesome. I use it to make scrambled eggs, heat up vegetables for the kids, and I often use it as a topping on my kids’ homemade grain-free waffles.

If you’re interested in making your own ghee, this post should help: “Homemade Ghee“, by Danielle Walker at Against All Grain. (Sidenote: I love the recipes on this blog!)

We don’t make our own ghee in our house because I sometimes try to cut corners whenever I can, as long as it doesn’t affect food quality. The ghee that we usually buy is Purity Farms Organic Ghee. To me, this is ghee done right, with no trace of milk protein left, and sourced from good quality cows. My kids love it. We often buy it at our local organic co-op, but I have ordered it from Amazon as well.

So therein lies another healthy fat to add to your diet. So delicious and so good for us!

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Next up: More healthy fats to include in your diet. Read about coconut oil here.

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